If you go walking through the grass in the Bahamas (everyday for me to pick up dog poop), eventually you will get one f these things caught in your pants, socks or shoes. The long strip of shepherds ticks (the flat ones) are basically just a tiny bean covered in velcro and seldom cause any actual discomfort, but the sheer numbers will drive you mad. The little black spikes from the shepherd’s needle are usually tolerable as well, but sometimes you get that one that lines up perfectly to enter your tennis and poke you on the top of your foot. Every step you take it seems like it is deciding whether to stab you for real or not. it doesn’t actually draw blood, but you end up thinking, why you playing?

Now the worst of course if the prickle. basically, a ball of splinters that sticks to you while you are minding your business. Then, when you try to take it off with your hand it ticks you in your hand. what makes these the worst is that even if you get it off. the pointy bits often break off in your clothing or in your hand and make the rest of your day even more miserable because you need a halogen floodlight to see the little broken bit of it. I hope you enjoy the slideshow of the horrible plants and watch the little video to see how to remove the prickles.

A Prickle album