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July 2019

This is what our guests are seeing

I am speaking with a regular guest to the #Bahamas. He has been visiting his friend's home in #bimini since 2006. But for the past few years has not jumped in the water because he could not see in the... Continue Reading →

#Language, #science and #perspective

I am en route to Haiti on board Air France. Cramped. Tired. But I just made a friend with Marilyn. An older woman sitting next to me who along with her friend, amid their shots of rum from the tiny... Continue Reading →

Can’t see the forest for the Trees

Written in response to a Casuarina editorial in the Tribune. Cannot find the original Tribune editorial though. Dear Editor (The Tribune), While I understand that my opinions go directly against yours (as per your August 20th article) I trust you... Continue Reading →


So, I do take lots of photos. Not all of them can fit in my (free account) WordPress or Google accounts. Add to that the videos that I create it can get pretty ridiculous. so I am now using Flickr... Continue Reading →

Thrust upon the people of Andros

an old piece written to the Tribune in 2010. I am writing this letter in response to an article published in the Tribune on April 14th 2010. BAIC, Lands, Agriculture, handicrafts, and works representatives visited a 3 mile swath being... Continue Reading →

Left behind poem 7/21/2019 1:30 pm

Left behind in Obies space. I look around. Paintings Books In neat piles like the bones from a buffet But these still have all the meat To be devoured again And I standing in this room waiting for Obie to... Continue Reading →

Forget Tradition

I recently found this in my digital diary from after I returned from the first leg of the Global Reef Expedition to the Cay Sal Bank. around May 6th 2011 Forget Tradition. Today, as I write, two Bahamian students from... Continue Reading →

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