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We all need a little more Science and a lot more Perspective




While at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, one of the most powerful events I got to participate in was the mindfulness week program. At that time in 2017 I was the president of Graduate Students of All Nations, a group... Continue Reading →

Audubon Spring Flyway 2017

In 2017, I had the opportunity to participate in the Detroit Audubon Society's Earth Day Celebration. The presentation shared with Michiganders the changing faces in Bahamian Environmental Conservation. As a Person of Color and international student in the United States... Continue Reading →

Science, Perspective and Literature (SPL pronounced supple)

Hello everyone,It has been a while. I have been traveling and working throughout the Bahamas for the past several months and now I am back in good old Nassau just in time for the big Facebook Crash of be... Continue Reading →

Prepare for the spike

We know COVID take about two weeks in incubation. This past week and this week, we had schools reopen, and campaign parties for all of our political parties. In two weeks people will gather to vote. Right around the time... Continue Reading →

Grand Bahama Watershed and Biodiversity survey

This survey was sent out by colleagues at the University of the Bahamas. Please contribute if you can. Copied text (unedited)>>> Good morning. Colleagues very grateful if you can please help share the survey with your contacts and encourage them... Continue Reading →

Standards and Quality in the Bahamas

As part of the Volunteer work I do to support environmental sustainability and conservation in the Bahamas, I chair the National Technical Committee for on Environmental Protection and Management Standards under the Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality. You can... Continue Reading →


Firstly, I am not encouraging or discouraging anyone to take the COVID 19 vaccine. That is up to you. I am taking it. I am currently at the Marsh Harbour Clinic in Abaco the Bahamas. I have been here since... Continue Reading →

Black Beauty and abuse

TW: physical abuseTL/DR: A career disciplinarian at my high school beat a student and I recount some of what I remember about the physical discipline I received from him. Background: This post comes from a post I made on Facebook... Continue Reading →

The place and time

After completing my masters degree I returned home but could not find a job. At least I could not find a job in my field. I was told that there was no funding or that I was overqualified or in... Continue Reading →

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