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The Squiggle Series is an experiment in collaboration. I meet people…strangers…I guess everyone is a stranger at first. I ask them to share a squiggle with me. an unbroken line in a color they choose. I add to their lines and create what I consider art. They sign their names as the initiators and I often do not sign. some of the art inspires stories and some do not. I hope you enjoy the squiggle series as much as I enjoy making them.

This squiggle, donated by Anne Barlow was not the first, but I especially like it because the bird that it evolved into came with an interesting story. When I say I found the story interesting, it is because I discovered the story the same way I discover the images in the squiggles. It just seemed like that was what was right. If you see me, offer a squiggle. I would love to see where your squiggle takes us.

Squiggle donated by Anne Barlow

The skipping nibblet was always rare and only known from a few accounts, that most thought were fairy tales. These diminutive birds are just a few inches tall, but what they lack in height they make up for in stamina. They use a modified feather that grows from the middle of their backs and jump through it like a skipping rope. Some believe this is a mating dance, but some think it is a way of baiting large predators. This specimen was found with a raptor claw in its crop. Thanks to Anne Barlow for the squiggle that led to this new #squiggleseries discovery.

The Skipping Nibblet