My Living Curriculum Vitae

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Coral Reef Work

AGRRA Coral Reef Report Card for New Providence and Rose Island 2014

AGRRA Coral Reef Report Card for the Bahamas 2016

EIA contributions

Big Sampson Cay, Exuma – EIA link

Shapefiles and Maps

Grand Bahama work

Shapefile of the contiguous terrestrial area of Grand Bahama from West End Point to Rumer’s Creek. Hand Digitized in ArcMap 10.5 January 2018



The following links mention work in which I was a collaborator.

Endangered Species Update 2009 Vol. 26 No. 1 & 2
Discusses the benefits of international collaboration for endangered species protection. The article includes details of the Kirtland’s Warbler Research and Training Project. I was the first student through the Project and several of us have completed our college degrees and now work in conservation.

Bill Rapai’s- Kirtland’s Warbler
Bill’s book tells the behind the scenes story of the Kirtland’s Warbler Conservation saga. This is an excellent read for those considering the real, logistic, cultural and political challenges of migratory bird conservation. It includes interviews with many of the participants and agents involved in the bird’s conservation over the years.


Check the EarSketch audio for 4 observers on Grand Bahama Island first 90 days of 2016