As I move through the world, one of my favorite things to do is learn new ways of making and creating art. here are some of the works that I have completed over the years and I hope you enjoy them.
If you have not been, you should visit the Edge of the Farm Conservation Area. Hays and Donna have placed their acreage into a conservation easement with Three Valley Trust and removed honeysuckle and installed wetlands, and educated hundreds of visitors. I am making a bench to highlight some of the wildlife you can see there. The slats are pine and the drawings are hand drawn from my photos or Hays’ and good old Google. I then wood burn them in. I am unsure what the finished product will look like, but this is where I am now.

I have included English names with the phonetic pronunciation and the scientific names. There are eight panels in total.

I have also created a bird bath for the EFCA. The birdbath features a map of San Salvador Island where Hays and Donna have been leading the Tropical marine Ecology field course for many years. Hays is a hardcore bird watcher and recently also co-authored a book on the Birds of San Salvador. Below is the post about the birdbath on the Edge of the Farm Facebook page.


Donna McCollum, Leno, Leo and Alma with the EFCA San Salvador birdbath photo by Hays Cummins

Thank you Ancilleno Leno Davis for the bird bath that you designed, fired and crafted for the Edge of the Farm…

Posted by Edge of the Farm Conservation Area on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

From May to October of 2015 Greg Loring and I displayed “Cornucopia, Utopia, Dystopia” on the Miami University Campus in Oxford, Ohio.
The Cornucopia feature native plants on one side with Bricks and asphalt “planted” on the other. Follow this link for more information.