Science and Perspective

We all need a little more Science and a lot more Perspective


November 2020

Science, perspective and slapping up.

Slapping up: the act of talking incessantly without tangible action. Running on. A derivative of the phrase "slapping up your gums" Example: "all these people running on about mining in Andros and letting Bahamians benefit from our resources. If they... Continue Reading →

Remote Sensing and perspective

During my Master's degree at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, I had the Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Science Fellowship. My research focused on the epiflora and epifauna of the bladderwrack Fucus distichus, under Dr. Madhumi Mitra, but I also worked... Continue Reading →

You cannot pay me to be a scientist

Several popular, vocal conservationists have asked me, "how can you be a conservationist and take money from [x group]?" These groups include developers, predominantly white institutions, animal care facilities, meat producers, banks, the list goes on and on. Here is... Continue Reading →

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