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I am a human, scientist and photographer. I live by my doers code. 1: Do something. 2: Do what you enjoy. 3: Do what you are good at or get good at it. 4: Do what makes a difference. 5: Do what is right.

I still feel it (Hurricane Dorian)

In some ways it seems like it happened ages ago. in other ways I can still feel it. When Hurricane dorian hit Abaco and Grand Bahama, we worried of course, we always do, but part of you says "We always... Continue Reading →

Corona Virus incubation vs. racist border policies

So there is a new Corona Virus. Everyone is freaking out because the news media is blowing it up. My thoughts are, we really cannot stop it in the Bahamas if it is coming and definitely not by using racist... Continue Reading →

Book a day challenge: Day 1

Today, I was challenged to post a book a day for seven days and challenge one other person per day. Today I challenge Leah Eneas because she it's always reading something in the bar. Today's book is "A wizard of... Continue Reading →

What about project funding for non-US research?

One of the most frustrating problems I experienced during graduate school as an #international (read non-US) student/scholar was the requirement to write my proposals and grants in the National Science Foundation (NSF) format. A non-US citizen is ineligible for your... Continue Reading →

Bahamian human genetic diversity

Firstly, if you do not already have an account, get a research gate account. There is a ton of cool stuff on there, like this research on the genetic diversity of humans in the Bahamas across the islands. Some things... Continue Reading →

World Class Plastic Reduction in Eleuthera Bahamas

Did you know that the GEF Small Grants Program funded a local recycling program on Eleuthera? Did you know that that program was featured in a publication of only 10 global plastic waste focused initiatives? Well, now you do. Check... Continue Reading →

That one time I wrote a program to choose scholarships

This was a major project for an artificial intelligence class I took as part of my Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics due four years ago. quite possibly one of my favorite classes. Dr. Daniela Inclezan was an excellent instructor. The... Continue Reading →

Dorian, Parrots and Cats

Sustainability in all areas involves not just having a stable baseline population and resources that allow the system to replenish itself year to year. We need enough of a buffer to carry you through drastic circumstances. Like Dorian. The Bahama... Continue Reading →

Science and Perspective on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Here in the Bahamas we have birds. Some stay year round and some are just passing through. Just like the human tourists our economy relies on, migrant birds come for the warm weather, good food and just to get away... Continue Reading →

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