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We all need a little more Science and a lot more Perspective



How we (should) respond to hate

On February 16th, I opened my email to see the best written response to hate messaging I have seen in almost 6 years at this university. Here are the key points: 1: The Message is specific. We know exactly what... Continue Reading →

The biggest minority in academia

Critically thinking about minority status. We hear minority all the time. It has become one of those words that people say but do not really understand at the core. Like "Liberal", "Communist", etc. these words often have a standardized meaning... Continue Reading →

Statistics on diversity and representation

Statistically speaking, if you took into account the number of International students and faculty in your academic department versus the number of domestic students and faculty, would the people in your faculty meetings, Christmas parties, search committees or other social... Continue Reading →

A part apart

If I contribute to this community and you tell me "discussions that impact my health, well-being or safety are not appropriate for forums within our community"... you should not expect me to succeed or persist in the community. This is... Continue Reading →

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