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August 2015

Free, reasonable, expensive

I work with all sorts of people and I have friends in innumerable fields. What I have noticed is they are all plagued by the same dilemma. Charging their worth for their services and products. Firstly, there are categories that... Continue Reading →

Epic dream Monday August 24 2015

It is 5 am on August 24 and I got up because I had the craziest #epicdream ever. It starts with me at home in the Bahamas speaking to Alma on the phone. I was a teacher at SAC. I... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Jamaica

Well, it is time to go. The last week in Jamaica has been amazing. #BirdsCarib2015 regional meeting was fun and hectic. Now it is time to go home and take a break. We met lots of new and old friends... Continue Reading →

The joys of napping

After a week away in a strange bed, thousands of miles from the ones you love, nothing beats a nap wherever you can find it. I just woke up on the plane and thought I would share this photo from... Continue Reading →

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