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September 2015

Plainfield Rest Park Indiana- 9/18/2015

I am on my way to meet Alma after about a month and a half. Driving from Ohio to Arkansas for Elisa's wedding. This is my first rest stop and as I took some photos of the rest stop, a... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Jamison 9/19/2015

Today is my brother's birthday. The older brother that everyone says I look like...except I am the better looking version, though we both look like Mommy so the standards were already set pretty high. In celebration of one more year... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Illinois 9/18/2015

Driving is crazy boring without Alma. And it is definitely gonna take a lot longer than google and Garmin said. Thank God for rest stop. God and the garden clubs. I am taking a quick stretch here at the Cumberland... Continue Reading →

Rainy days 9/18/2015

Alma likes rainy days. And sometimes I do too. When you have nothing to do but snuggle with your snookums or read papers, that is the perfect day for a rain storm. Here I am in a Burger King Parking... Continue Reading →

No room in academia

Dear every student and every professor, Look around you. The students that graduated last year have not found jobs and hardly any of them found jobs at your university or any university. The professors that have been there for the... Continue Reading →


Growing up in the Bahamas, cockroaches were a recurring theme. During a hurricane, you could find out exactly how many cockroaches were living in the grass because they would crawl up the outside walls of the house. The answer was... Continue Reading →


I seem to win a lot of random things. I can remember phone cards, a trip to Sammy T's resort in Cat Island, free stuffed animals at the carnival, and now I have won two free tickets to see Luna... Continue Reading →

Eat my art Maria Von Trapp

So the main character from sound of music taught people to sing in Papua New Guinea and before, you could taste and gnaw on art pieces in a museum to evaluate their composition. This is really a striking notion for... Continue Reading →

Sensory studies

I am attending the Altman lecture in the Marcum center now and hearing from Dr. Howes on Sensory Studies. I will try to write more about my thoughts later.

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