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December 2016

Welcome 2017

Well, we are on our way! 1.5 hours and we will see a new year. It has been an amazing, joyous, heart rending, confusing, enlightening, year of risk, reward, challenge, change and most importantly love. I have found friends and... Continue Reading →

Hell and high water

I am witnessing a friend go through some stuff with the mother of his kids. Keeping him from seeing them, stressing the babies out...they barely recognize him. I can see his pain and hers, but even more so, the children.... Continue Reading →

They do not know your story

This is mostly for Bahamian's Educated in Natural and Geospatial Sciences, but I hope you can all find truth in these words. I am sharing because this year has produced immense challenges and I have therefore begun to look back... Continue Reading →

On average you are not the Star

We are the stars of our lives. Those lives are made up of scenes big and small. When we look back on our lives, we can see that most of those moments are incredibly dull for us, forgettable, inconsequential even.... Continue Reading →

Proposal defense passed!

Thanks to everyone for the positive vibes you sent during my proposal defense and for all the support leading up to it. Especially La Guapa and #LeonardoDavis, my committee, my dissertation completion group and all the international students and BEiNGS... Continue Reading →

Dear 4:00

Dear 4:00,#LeonardoDavis, Alma and I enjoy your company each day and we have a really great time, so please do not take this the wrong way. I do not want to see your pointy head and your lil chicken leg... Continue Reading →

Leno’s life lessons December 6 2016

When someone tells you that you are being oppressed but then they want you to buy into a product they sell to free you from your oppressor, they are not trying to free the slaves they are trying to buy... Continue Reading →

Poetic Jones

Today I watched Marcus' reflection on our friend Poetic Jones. He is the inspiration behind the original hook for "Promise me". I remember knowing Alan through the Christian Youth Movement and always thinking he is the handsome guy that has... Continue Reading →

Leno’s Life Lessons- Rising tides

A rising tide lifts all boats... unless they are anchored to the bottom or have holes in their hulls. fact. -Leno Dec. 1, 2016

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