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We all need a little more Science and a lot more Perspective


January 2017

Ethics looking inward

As I hear about the studies my colleagues are doing, I consider the ethics of the work. Much of it surrounds trapping, surgery, labeling, sex, mating and eventually death, and dismemberment, though death and dismemberment are not always in that... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back Miami

As you trickle back into your classrooms, dorm rooms and offices, you can feel the somber mood. There is tension as people wait for what comes next. The world has changed over the past year in ways few would have... Continue Reading →

Love and Honor

Love and Honor Look around you. Our brothers and sisters are hurting. Visions of Love and Honor lost in plain sight. Each and every one with a beautiful story to be told. How do you see them? Outsider? Unamerican? Unworthy?... Continue Reading →

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