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February 2017

The parable of trail maintenance

Two men enter a wilderness trail side by side and before long, they come to a stick blocking the path. One man looks to the other and says we have to move this stick, the other says, the path is... Continue Reading →

Statistics on diversity and representation

Statistically speaking, if you took into account the number of International students and faculty in your academic department versus the number of domestic students and faculty, would the people in your faculty meetings, Christmas parties, search committees or other social... Continue Reading →

A part apart

If I contribute to this community and you tell me "discussions that impact my health, well-being or safety are not appropriate for forums within our community"... you should not expect me to succeed or persist in the community. This is... Continue Reading →

Executives, Orders and Administrators

Hello everyone, I am writing this in response, partly to questions and concerns of my fellow international students. I had already intended to write a post about recent changes in the local and global climate. Most importantly, if I do... Continue Reading →

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