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March 2017

How do you create magic in your life?

All Laughter is magic. Laugh and make others laugh. Leno March 31, 2017

Science across borders

If you are lucky and do not mind a bit of frustration and stress, you may one day experience the joys of science across borders. If you do get the chance, here are my tips. 1: follow the doers code... Continue Reading →

Don’t ask me to give up: Leno’s life lessons

It seems to me that there are few things as simple as asking someone else to give up, to lie down and let it go. It also seems to me that there are few things as hard as giving up,... Continue Reading →

Optimism vs. realism

I am not an optimist. I am a realist. I realize that we directly shape the world around us. I realize that if everyone treated each other well, kindly for the sake of making the world better, without considering the... Continue Reading →

Messed up language

Perhaps language is like a manual transmission. You let a whole bunch of people use it without training, practice or giving a damn and it's pretty soon gonna have its guts all dug out. Welcome to facebook. Ancilleno Davis, PhD.... Continue Reading →

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