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April 2017

The lower 60%

Q. What would happen if every politician was required to live like the bottom 60% of their constituents? A. They would redefine "bottom" and continue to screw us over. Original thought by Ancilleno Davis 4/29/2017 Ancilleno Davis, PhD. Candidate Ecology,... Continue Reading →

Politics, activism, advocacy

Politics is about changing someone's vote. Advocacy is about changing someone's mind. Activism is about changing someone's life. -Leno 4/29/2017 Ancilleno Davis, PhD. Candidate Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology- Miami University, Oxford Ohio

Increased diversity of Oxford faculty

Today, Miami shared student work on how faculty diversity has increased over the past ten years. With new regulations making it difficult to recruit and keep international faculty, it will be interesting to see how the follow up to this... Continue Reading →

Fight advice for #LeonardoDavis

Dear Leo, I will try my best to teach you to talk your way out of most problems, but at some point you will probably have to fight. These are some basic thoughts to consider. 1: is there no other... Continue Reading →

Politician and their promises

Today's politicians are asking you to marry them. They promise they will bathe regularly, once you consummate the marriage, without evidence they have ever taken a bath in their lives. - Ancilleno O. Davis April, 20th 2017 Ancilleno Davis, PhD.... Continue Reading →

Another epic dream 4/16/2017

So, I fell asleep with Leo for an afternoon nap after eating a bowl of oatmeal with cranberries and almonds... then this. I walked down the hall of the old RND cinemas, the smell of popcorn was strong. As I... Continue Reading →

International Scholar Qualifications

To all my qualified International Scholars.One day, you will read the perfect job posting. Every thing you have done is listed as a requirement. Your life's goals are explicitly stated as the target measures for the position. When that day... Continue Reading →

Honesty to unburden my soul

For those of you that wonder why I help everyone I can, I sometimes seem to go out of my way. I sometimes seem to help others to my own detriment. For at least six years now, I have thought... Continue Reading →

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