I fell asleep with Leo for an afternoon nap after eating a bowl of oatmeal with cranberries and almonds… then this.

I walked down the hall of the old RND cinemas, the smell of popcorn was strong. As I turned between the concession stand and the wall of the theater, the excitement built as I got ready to see my first movie in the theater with #LeonardoDavis.
The new theatre layout made a pentagon shape with a wrap around walkway and stairs on each corner that lead up to projection and down to the office.
The movie was entertaining but I was distracted by showing Leo how my feet make the sticky noise theater floors allow.
Then all hell broke loose, because Tom Cruise busted in. Not because he was famous, but because everyone knew he wanted to kill me. I tucked Leo under my arm football style and took off for the exit. Shuffling around the people who began to shrink. I got into the hall and dashed down the first flight of stairs.
I got to the bottom floor and slipped into a secret board room, where my cousin inga was describing the benefits of the secret rooms with a friend and her daughter Halley was there but like two feet tall.
I closed the door quietly and told them to pretend I was not there. Tom Cruise then came to the wall outside the secret room all “here’s Johnny” style crazy. I lay behind the couch waiting, holding my breath. Then he busted in and I jumped out the window with Leo in my arms. We took off running down Bay Street, dodging cars and trucks. Apparently, I am faster than Tom Cruise. Finally, I run into a parking lot, still screaming for help and I saw a man about to pull out begging him to help us, because Tom Cruise is trying to kill us.
This guy starts point with his umbrella and his tight sweater vest at some building while making up some bs excuse. Luckily, Nikki’s friend Sharon is in the next car.
She jumps out and says to Sweatervest ” we have to help him. You know Tom Cruise crazy.” Then we jump in the passenger side of her white Scion tC. I lean the chair all the way back, and turn on the cellphone to show her why Tom Cruise was trying to kill us.

A Facebook video of Tom Cruse in a frog suit singing and dancing.

And that kiddies is why you should be careful what you share on Facebook.


Ancilleno Davis, PhD. Candidate
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology- Miami University, Oxford Ohio