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July 2017

Luck, dreams and marriage

If you get really, really lucky, you will meet the person of your dreams. Being made of dreams, they will give you a new one. The dream of being with them forever. For many of us that look like marriage.... Continue Reading →


It seems like Anu Garg at "A Word a Day" reads my mind and then finds the words of dead people to echo the sentiment.  "a long time we have gone along with some well-tested principles of conduct: that it... Continue Reading →

at the oxymoron museum

I would visit that museum. Source: at the oxymoron museum

“It’s a F*$<ing African American!"

*Note: if you follow me, you know I avoid profanity. This post does contain a few instances, because they are direct quotes and pertinent to the discussion. Read on accordingly. Sitting in an office at Peabody Hall on Miami University's... Continue Reading →

Rats, pigs, dogs, boys

I find myself in conflict with my growling belly and my gnashing teeth.I cannot separate the eyes and the soul. I have looked into the face of too many animals. I have looked with earnest. some have died on my... Continue Reading →


Some people seem to have a 200 year old oil painting restored over the generations, which they continue to use as their worldview. My worldview involves getting outside and looking around. Ancilleno Davis, PhD. Candidate Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology-... Continue Reading →

The six P’s of leadership decisions: Perspective, price, purpose, prejudice, potential, prerogative.

Hello everyone, This text is going to be shared in video format as well on my youtube channel so check there as well. As leaders in any field, there seems to be issues related to understanding the needs of your... Continue Reading →

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