Science and Perspective

We all need a little more Science and a lot more Perspective


November 2017

My digital house

How do you describe social media to your students? I use the house analogy. My digital world is a house I build with social media. Each platform is a room within that house. Though they each have doors and windows... Continue Reading →

Sustainability and perspective

my friend Quentin asks in response to "Sustainability and Perspective" How do you balance "trying to make a difference" with awareness of others and sensitivity to the full impact of one's actions? Quentin,There are a few ways I seek this... Continue Reading →

Sustainability and perspective

Today I saw a really interesting video. You should watch it before you continue. From the perspective of the person in the video and CNBC, Lionfish are bad for the environment, because they negatively impact native fish populations. This... Continue Reading →

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