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October 2017

Connections: Re: Actual Weekly Riff

​So a friend has a weekly email I subscribe to and he quote another of his friends as saying "Learning is all about connections". Did you say "duh."? It seems to make sense to me. this is the only way... Continue Reading →

(Clean) Air supposed to be free

During our geography class recently we got to web chat live with @amrit_sharma, the guy behind #AskSmokey on twitter. You can tweet "#AskSmokey what's it like in #Delhi" or hundreds of other cities around the world. And you will get... Continue Reading →

Hero and heroin

On responding to a heroin overdose.

Jokey jokes 9/18/2017

Stephen King made a new horror movie about a clown... but it's just another ITeration. If you like jokes like these (some are better) check my blog.


What does a grape say when it gets stepped on? Nothing. It just lets out a little wine.

Define your community and you define discrimination

I have come to realize that throughout the communities I operate in, there is a consistent thread of defining who is a part of our community. Inherently, this defines who is not a part of our community. In particular, I... Continue Reading →

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