​So a friend has a weekly email I subscribe to and he quote another of his friends as saying "Learning is all about connections".
Did you say "duh."?

It seems to make sense to me. this is the only way I seem to learn. My memory sucks, but I do pretty well in school because my brain connects things well I believe.

Right now, I am working heavily with maps in ArcGIS and every time I look at the interface, I imagine a drawing on multiple layers of wax paper. On the base layer you paint the background, then you add layers drawing things that are closer and closer to the fore. For me, this connection is essential to how I create my maps.

as I teach my students in Biology 115 labs I often incorporate shared experiences of going to the doctor, taking antibiotics etc. so the students can make those connections for themselves as well.

When I speak to others about the difficulties of international students, I try to connect social justice first to their experiences along the lines of minority groups they are a part of, then I point out the similarities between their historical oppression and the contemporary treatment of international students and scholars. this seems to work exceptionally well.

A fact no matter how well researched is difficult for most people to accept without some connection to their previously held beliefs.

But also,

I learn daily from you, my friends, my followers, your emails and comments, our conversations and arguments. So I guess everything I do is about the connections. what new connection have you made recently? what connection continues to feed your learning and affect your experience?