Science and Perspective

We all need a little more Science and a lot more Perspective


September 2018

Biodiversity monitoring and racism

Class identifies plants in a field. Me: do you see what is different in the following three classifications? Duchesnia indica; Medicago lupulina; Grasses Students: *blank stares* Me: do we recognize that grasses are a large group that includes more than... Continue Reading →

Anemic Advocacy

Have you met that person that pours all their energy into helping the group/cause they feel deserves it? I mean 100% all the time, every time? This is not about them. We have to challenge anemic advocacy. Those that need... Continue Reading →

Science and Perspective

"Every human needs to understand two things at least. Another person’s perspective and science. Between the two, you can understand the world." -Ancilleno Davis, Science and Perspective Ancilleno Davis, AA; BSc; MSc PPP: he/him/his/they/them/theirs Twitter: @ancilleno Founder/Coordinator - BEINGS Director... Continue Reading →


There is a test. You score high enough on some scale to be given credit for the accomplishment. You are acknowledged and given the privileges afforded all those who pass. What happens when the scoring rubric is never given to... Continue Reading →

Bird songs with Google and A.I.

This is quite possibly the best audio related thing I have seen today. search for your favorite bird and see the visual of the call and click on it to hear. The downside? The Bahama Mockingbird is the only... Continue Reading →

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