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October 2018

The hardest button to push

I just clicked send. I sent the latest draft of my dissertation to my full committee. I sent it to colleagues who have seen me grow up through science and ornithology. I put it out there. quite honestly, it was... Continue Reading →

Perspective on criticism

So I am inherently the type of person who wants to do something important, and I want my work to be the best I can make. I do take into account time constraints and available materials etc. but I still... Continue Reading →

Did you say something?

A student left the university because of the racism they experienced. Hopefully it wasn't you...but if it wasn't you. Have you spoken out directly, explicitly, and publicly against racism? If not, it's too late for one student but there are... Continue Reading →

Quick Solar charger hack

The Bahamas has about 360 days of sun per year. Yet Solar energy has not been broadly adopted. THere is definitely a significant conversion cost, but if we look at the long term savings to human health and the environment,... Continue Reading →

gutter art: Palace Art

If you are lying in the gutter, make art with the mud;If you live in a Palace, make Art with the Light. -Leno 10/2018

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