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November 2018

Perspectives on Science as a career…pay

One of the major costs of conducting science in the Bahamas is in technical expertise, the cost of human labor. Essential to the cost of labor is the cost of living. How much can you pay a Bahamian scientist, to... Continue Reading →

Geospatial visualization by K. Arthur Endsley

If you work with geospatial data and open source code, you have probably been hacking your way through the internet, youtube, stackexchange etc. to find good tutorials with clear well-written examples. This is it. Dr. Endsley does an excellent job... Continue Reading →

Gate keeping

As instructors in gate keeping courses, some believe it is their duty to slam that gate in the faces of as many students as possible. Some of us are propping the gate open, cracking Windows and unlocking the back door.... Continue Reading →

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