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February 2019

Top is Paradise Island Bahamas c. 1970 below is after 2010 There is so much going on here from a sustainability perspective. The coastlines have been altered changing the deposition of sand and potentially smothering nearby coral reefs. The removal... Continue Reading →

Thought on sustainability: Waste not, want not.

The most expensive resources we have are wasted resources. All resources require energy and other resources to create so when we do not take full advantage of the resources we generate, we lose. How many of your employees have skills... Continue Reading →

International day of Women and Girls in Science (2019)

Today (February 11, 2019), is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. You can read a copy of the official resolution International Day of Women and Girls in Science as a pdf, on my website . Today, I want to send... Continue Reading →


A thought on sustainability today: we cannot manage what we do not monitor. The path toward sustainability requires us to collect data on how and why we use our resources. How often do you check your fuel use? What about... Continue Reading →

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