Today (February 11, 2019), is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

You can read a copy of the official resolution International Day of Women and Girls in Science as a pdf, on my website .

Today, I want to send a shout out to some of my favorite female scientists.

First, my mother Vivienne Davis, who got me into it as a plant taxonomist. I would go out on her teaching days and collect plants from the neighborhood that fit into the BahamaHost training program. she would teach tour guides about these plants so that they could speak intelligently to their guests and our tourist visitors about the beautiful plants and flowers they see as they drive around the island.

Next, Alma Nora, my wife and mother of our amazing boys. Having children is surrounded by science, the biology, psychology, medications and all the statistics surrounding health and development. As we went through the process of pregnancy and continue to rear the boys, it is always amazing to see the amount of research she does and the way we can discuss the best options in terms of what is statistically the best bet for our boys’ success.

Eleanor Phillips, has been an amazing fixture in Bahamian conservation for awhile now and she continues to amaze me with her quiet resolve. No doubt, being a woman in leadership in the Bahamas is no small feat.When you combine that with the other nationalist and racist politics she has had to deal with for being “light-skinned” or having heritage outside the Bahamas, it is amazing how much she has been able to get done. I can vouch for her willingness to also support younger scientists and all of her employees when their cause is just.

Charlene Carey, Science Educator extraordinaire has taught thousands of Bahamian students and continued to lead the way in science education well after leaving St. John’s. As a part of BREEF’s teacher training workshops, through the development of the coral reef display and beyond, my favorite has been hearing the tales of her students saying how Mrs. Carey is the best teacher ever. The most important lesson I have learned from her is to constantly learn and educate yourself so you can teach more or more accurately.

Truranda Cox, Kristal (Ocean) Ambrose, young entrepreneurs in science and conservation. These young women have moved outside the realm of simply learning and teaching but now live their conservation mindset through their work. True shares her passion through her professional Bahamian tours and Kristal travels the world teaching everyone about the plastic pollution problems we face in the Bahamas and Globally.

Of course, I cannot include everyone, BNT alone would be a separate encyclopedia of amazing female scientists and as usual, this is just my perspective and only a small portion of my perspective at that.

Who is your favorite female scientist? tell me in the comments.
Do you know a girl or woman interested in science but unsure how to get started? Get in touch with a Bahamian scientist via Bahamians Educated in Natural and Geospatial Science.