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October 2019

That one time I wrote a program to choose scholarships

This was a major project for an artificial intelligence class I took as part of my Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics due four years ago. quite possibly one of my favorite classes. Dr. Daniela Inclezan was an excellent instructor. The... Continue Reading →

Dorian, Parrots and Cats

Sustainability in all areas involves not just having a stable baseline population and resources that allow the system to replenish itself year to year. We need enough of a buffer to carry you through drastic circumstances. Like Dorian. The Bahama... Continue Reading →

Science and Perspective on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Here in the Bahamas we have birds. Some stay year round and some are just passing through. Just like the human tourists our economy relies on, migrant birds come for the warm weather, good food and just to get away... Continue Reading →

CICI (SeaSea) open letter to the PM

CICI's open letter to the PM calls for action on Climate Change and development toward a sustainable Bahamas.

Executive Director BSCA job posting

Executive director of the BSCA position posted.

Discounts for the new Natural History of the Bahamas book

So, you want your own copy of the Natural History of the Bahamas, with photos by the super awesome Scott "Peanut Daddy" Johnson and Dr. Ancilleno Davis, but you are too cheap to pay full price? today is your lucky... Continue Reading →

The field guide is out and you get a discount for actually following Science and Perspective!

Attached to this blog post is a PDF of a flyer for the Natural History of the Bahamas book in paperback. 464 pages of glorious Science! and it features some amazing photography by real scientists including Scott "Peanut's Daddy" Johnson... Continue Reading →

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