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November 2019

What about project funding for non-US research?

One of the most frustrating problems I experienced during graduate school as an #international (read non-US) student/scholar was the requirement to write my proposals and grants in the National Science Foundation (NSF) format. A non-US citizen is ineligible for your... Continue Reading →

Bahamian human genetic diversity

Firstly, if you do not already have an account, get a research gate account. There is a ton of cool stuff on there, like this research on the genetic diversity of humans in the Bahamas across the islands. Some things... Continue Reading →

World Class Plastic Reduction in Eleuthera Bahamas

Did you know that the GEF Small Grants Program funded a local recycling program on Eleuthera? Did you know that that program was featured in a publication of only 10 global plastic waste focused initiatives? Well, now you do. Check... Continue Reading →

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