One of the most frustrating problems I experienced during graduate school as an #international (read non-US) student/scholar was the requirement to write my proposals and grants in the National Science Foundation (NSF) format. A non-US citizen is ineligible for your NSF funding. If you are an advisor of non-citizen graduate students, this is an #academicjustice issue. Become familiar with other sources of funding that your students would be eligible for as independent scholars after they graduate.

Luckily, my committee at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio recognized my determination to do work that was useful in my future as a Bahamian scientist. I wrote in the format of a Global Environment Facility (GEF) project.

The GEF supports work to protect the global environment, so work that is done in the Bahamas but can be scaled up to the Caribbean or all small island developing states would be appropriate. Today, I am a part of a national meeting regarding GEF funding and how we can access that funding and successfully implement our projects/programs. you can learn more about GEF by taking some of the courses or downloading the A to Z of the GEF document.

Click to access GEF-A_to_Z_2015_CRA_bl2_0.pdf