Science and Perspective

We all need a little more Science and a lot more Perspective




I denounce racial supremacists. I denounce international hate. I denounce gender, race and ethnicity based violence and bigotry.

The six P’s of leadership decisions: Perspective, price, purpose, prejudice, potential, prerogative.

Hello everyone, This text is going to be shared in video format as well on my youtube channel so check there as well. As leaders in any field, there seems to be issues related to understanding the needs of your... Continue Reading →

Think about ants. They cannot see the soaring birds, why would they need to? Their lives consist of the path in front of them, following the scent trail of their fellow ants. Yes, occasionally one of them will get distracted... Continue Reading →

The screaming silence

If you don't use the stereotype, but do not stand against it, you still support it. If the oppressor labels all those who look like him as allies and none of them deny it, what does that mean?

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