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Discounts for the new Natural History of the Bahamas book

So, you want your own copy of the Natural History of the Bahamas, with photos by the super awesome Scott "Peanut Daddy" Johnson and Dr. Ancilleno Davis, but you are too cheap to pay full price? today is your lucky... Continue Reading →

The field guide is out and you get a discount for actually following Science and Perspective!

Attached to this blog post is a PDF of a flyer for the Natural History of the Bahamas book in paperback. 464 pages of glorious Science! and it features some amazing photography by real scientists including Scott "Peanut's Daddy" Johnson... Continue Reading →

Prickles and Burrs in the Bahamas

If you go walking through the grass in the Bahamas (everyday for me to pick up dog poop), eventually you will get one f these things caught in your pants, socks or shoes. The long strip of shepherds ticks (the... Continue Reading →

Well, well, well you want to drill for oil

Who wants to drill for oil? Bahamas Petroleum Company ten years old and more than 55% owned by companies based in London, Bristol and Glasgow, they hold at least four exploration licenses (Bain, Cooper, Donaldson and Eneas) on the Cay... Continue Reading →


My favorite animals to photograph are those that believe they are invisible. They have camouflage and they are in their habitat using it to the best of their ability. For the most part, they are undetectable to predators. Therefore, when... Continue Reading →

Glossy Ibis are not invading

Perhaps you have noticed some birds with long beaks in the Bahamas recently. Perhaps you have asked me why they are invading and who brought them in to the Bahamas. the short answer "They are Glossy and White Ibises and... Continue Reading →

Science and Perspective in Disaster

We are still reeling. I slept between 2:30 and 5:30 this morning. There is another storm on its way. Most of my friends and family are alive. Noone is unchanges or unchallenged by today's reality after #HurricaneDorian. The #ClimateScience says,... Continue Reading →

The Thin Line

Today I am riding a very thin line Looking down on both sidesOn the one hand wading through death and destruction, picking up the pieces and when I find a good clean piece of the world I knew, I put... Continue Reading →

Someone else

We fear these types of tragedy and what will happen to us. This is always something that happens to someone else. What if we always do our best to help someone else when they need it? Would that alleviate our... Continue Reading →

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