[Reef Resilience Training of Trainers workshop]
[Deep Blue Love]
[Ancilleno “Leno” Davis]
[August 4th 2010]



[Environmental officer Ray Silience and his partner Sea are investigating a bleaching]




[SCENE#1] [Act#1]


Fade in:


[Ray Silience and Sea visit ms. hotspot regarding a recent bleaching] 

[Ray Silience]: [So the ascarid says to the polythoa ‘bite me’]

-Ray laughs and Sea looks at him as if the joke is not funny at all

[Sea]: [Que?]

[Ray]: [Never mind, we’re here.]

-ray knocks on a door. the door is opened by a woman in warm tones (get it? warm tones!)

[Lady]: [Yeah?]

-the lady in the doorway tosses her hair to the side and strikes a sexy pose

[Ray]: [are you Mrs. Spot?…[dramatic pause] Mrs. hot spot?]

[Lady]: [Yeah. Who are you?]

[Ray]: [I’m Officer Ray,  Ray Silience. This is my partner Sea.]

[Hot]: [Sea?]

[Sea]: [Si.]

[Ray]: [Sea.]

[Sea]: [Si?]

[Ray]: [ANYWAY! (annoyed) Do you know Monty?… Monty Montastrea?]

[Hot]: [Monty?]

[Sea]: [Si!]

[Hot]: [Y-yes…I know him… Is he okay?]

[Ray]: [Well Ms. Spot… Monty’s been bleached]

[Hot]: [Bleached?!?! (bursts into tears)]

[Sea]: [Si!]

[Ray]: [Don’t play coy Ms. Hot Spot! Witnesses saw you all over Montastrea!!]

[Sea]: [Si!]

[Hot]: [But, that doesn’t mean anything.]

[Sea]: [no?]

[Ray]: [But you were there! (accusing voice; pointing finger at Hot)]

[Hot]: [But it wasn’t just me!]

[Sea]: [No? (intrigued look)]

[Hot]: [No, There was… Paul.]

[Ray & Sea]: [No!! (in disbelief)]

[Hot]: [Paul Lution, was all over Monty way before me!]

[Sea]: [No!!]

[Hot]: [Yes, but I wasn’t Jealous. I had my Cloud. (twinkle in her eye, nostalgic sigh)]

[Ray]: [Cloud?]

[Sea]: [Si, Cloud Cover. Cover ran an umbrella insurance agency that formerly sheltered Monty Montastrea, but, he recently disappeared.]

[Ray]: [Really?]

[Sea]: [Si.]

[Hot]: [Yes cloud was so cool. I could get as hot as I wanted and it didn’t phase him. Eventually I couldn’t tell if he felt me or was just standing between me and Monty. But when he disappeared, Oh! Monty got soooo hot for me!!]

To be continued…



Narrator: On the next episode of Deep Blue love…

[Monty appears with Ray and Sea Behind him, wearing sunglasses and wide brimmed hat. They approach Ms. Hot Spot.]

 [Hot]: [Monty!! You’re back!]

 [Sea]: [Si!!]

[Monty]: [Of course! A little bleaching won’t kill me. Look I can even spawn! (throws”eggs” in the air)]

[Ray]: [And this time…Ray Silience has got his back! (really Macho)]

[Hot]: [So does this mean, you won’t get hot for me anymore?]

[Monty]: [Well, maybe I will, but this time… I can handle it!]



Original script by Ancilleno Davis

Videographer Michelle Machasick


Cast in alphabetical order

Hot Spot: Virginia Burns

Monty Montastrea: Ramón de Léon

Ray Silience: Ancilleno Davis

Sea: Kemit-Amon Lewis