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June 2014

Entering a camera sweepstakes

I have always been one to enter random drawings and sweepstakes, particularly those for charity. it often pays out for me too. This one from Snap knot is for a one Canon or Nikon Camera. it would be sweet to... Continue Reading →


I am big into taking pictures but am I big into photography? I don't know. I love to capture the moment and I love to be able to look back and use the photos to inspire the memories to come... Continue Reading →

Sokka and Paul

So Paul came over and Sokka just decided to come over and lay across Paul's legs. Hilarious. They see Paul as a friend or maybe a cool uncle. Dogs are funny.  


So today, I picked a quart of Mulberries during my break. They are stinking delicious, but I am resisting eating them so I can get them home to share with my lovely wife, Alma. Interestingly, I usually will just look... Continue Reading →


I think I have always been a morning person. I like to hear the first sounds. The birds, People just starting to wake up and the city before the cars driving and horns honking. I have to work for 8:00... Continue Reading →


I really enjoy teaching and I have done a bit of it in the past, but mostly science or marine related. Marine Botany, Introductory Biology, The BREEF Marine Science Teacher training Workshop...but this winter I am going to be co-teaching... Continue Reading →

Posting from my e-mail

Now that I can post from my e-mail maybe this will be easier for me. I like the thought of having a blog and I like the concept of blogging. sharing my thoughts and opinions and ideas with the world.... Continue Reading →

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