So today, I picked a quart of Mulberries during my break. They are stinking delicious, but I am resisting eating them so I can get them home to share with my lovely wife, Alma. Interestingly, I usually will just look at the berries briefly and then pop them in my mouth, but Alma insists we wash them and disinfect them, so we will do that. I inspected the berries more carefully today and noticed that one (of about 70) had butterfly eggs on it. and after they were in the container for a bit, I noticed some beetles leaving. Of course, all this gets me to wondering how many insects or insect eggs have I eaten in my life? what did they do to me?…Ultimately, I love fresh fruit from a wild or naturally growing tree. If I am in a new country and the natives are eating fruit from a tree I have never seen, I will try it as well, but today, the mulberries will be cleaned…does anyone have a good recipe using mulberries?