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We all need a little more Science and a lot more Perspective


July 2014

Legal Science

These links speak to what others are doing in terms of science used as evidence in legal proceedings. In this era of environmental degradation and our attempts to use legal avenues to stop, challenge or remediate environmental impacts, we need... Continue Reading →

Monkey book!

Monkey book sounds like a finishing move in a word based video game...MONKEY BOOK!! *screams fade to silence** So. What a monkey book is, is a manual for the completion of some task, which, if you give to a monkey... Continue Reading →

Food Issues

We were talking the other night about some of my food issues. To be honest I will eat just about any food once (after seeing someone else eat it). This has included just about every fruit I can get my... Continue Reading →

This moment

I got this quote from A Word a Day. and it got me thinking. Any life, no matter how long and complex it may be, is made up of a single moment -- the moment in which a man finds... Continue Reading →


I imagine for the most part, I am seen as a happy person. Only the closest to me have probably ever seen me show sadness. Even fewer have seen me angry. I got this quote today in my "A word... Continue Reading →

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