We were talking the other night about some of my food issues. To be honest I will eat just about any food once (after seeing someone else eat it). This has included just about every fruit I can get my hands on, (even mango, my sworn enemy) ant eggs, choke cherries, snot-berries(guinep), sushi and sashimi, menudo etc. For me the smell and texture are the main put offs. I can smell mango from 200 feet away and no, I don’t want any. Nothing is supposed to be orange wet and hairy anyway, but I digress.
I want to talk about avocados. I never used to eat avocado. It just did not look appealing, the pasty green color and semi solid texture say "playdoh" not "food" to my eyes. Fortunately for me, I married a beautiful Mexicana, who introduced me to authentic guacamole. yummm! but, even with my new found love of Guac, nobody wants to see that half eaten withered brown avocado in the fridge.

Today, I found an avocado video to help, yay!!. http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/how-to-stop-an-avocado-from-browning-video.html

I think we should all eat something new once in a while. just try it.