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March 2016

Science Lost in Translation

Science: Lost in translation. Academia is rife with opinions and cultural norms. Often they come across as best practices. This is because that is the way things are done and therefore that is how those in leadership learned to do... Continue Reading →

The screaming silence

If you don't use the stereotype, but do not stand against it, you still support it. If the oppressor labels all those who look like him as allies and none of them deny it, what does that mean?

difficult important conversations

Sometimes we are in a position where someone says something inappropriate, inconvenient, inaccurate, even an outright, offensive lie from the depths of hell! Sometimes they say these things near you when you are not the intended audience, about you to... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Nikki

El feo que sabe amar

I listen to music whenever I can. once in awhile a song catches my attention and I have to think about how my life is right then and what is going on. Today I heard "El feo que sabe amar"... Continue Reading →

Your right to free, unlimited, restricted and costly access

Bahamians are up in arms over the right to access certain parts of the beach on Paradise Island. This is the gist. Bahamian law states that All land in the Bahamas up to the high water mark is for public... Continue Reading →

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