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April 2016

Science and passion

I am studying in a PhD program. I am not studying for a PhD. I seek knowledge, self improvement, and to be a better scientist and leader. That is why I enrolled in the PhD program. Sincerely, 4-6 years working... Continue Reading →

No free breakfast

There is never a free breakfast. But occasionally breakfast is included. Here at Miami University there are lots of opportunities to participate, to contribute to to lead. If you get into it you may end up at charged up for... Continue Reading → Sustainability

I speak regularly on sustainability and sustainability issues. Today being Earthday, I thought I would break it down.  Sustainability basically means doing things in a way that can be carried on indefinitely. Most of the time, we can think of... Continue Reading →

Speaking to the youths

next to famous

Fame amuses me. It is all based primarily on probability. what are the chances, you were born here, met this person or that, got into this school, had parents who introduced you to some art etc. How many grades, paychecks,... Continue Reading →

I hit snooze

To some this may seem mundane, a common everyday thing, but not for me. Each day my alarm goes off I pop out of bed and get to it. Pray, wash the dishes in the sink, walk the dogs, get... Continue Reading →

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