To some this may seem mundane, a common everyday thing, but not for me. Each day my alarm goes off I pop out of bed and get to it. Pray, wash the dishes in the sink, walk the dogs, get dressed, go to work and school etc. 

Yesterday was different, because over the past week, the bills have been piling up, the funding has been drying up and the stress has been piling up. So I hit snooze. I did not want to get out of bed or face the day. But lying there, I heard the voices of my mom and my grandmother telling me things always work out as long as you keep doing what is right. I went to work, and I did my job. I did the slow smile a few times. I came home and walked the dogs. We all needed that. I talked to Alma. I needed that.

That evening, I went to an art reception in Hiestand Hall, where I met Joe’s mom. We talked about Joe’s choice to be an artist when he found he was unhappy pursuing a degree in physical therapy. We talked about that time being unhappy brining him to this place and this time, meeting all the amazing people in the art department he now works with. I realized I was preaching to myself at the same time.

Later I went to the meeting of MU SPEAK. A spoken word and poetry club on campus I sometimes wander into. I reconnected with some folks I have shared some great conversations with over the past year and met some new artists. This also encouraged me to finally create a page for my poetry on this website.

Finally, one of these poets in particular, whom I regularly interact with on discourse about God and who/what he is, invited me to dinner. I stopped and thought about it. I hit snooze, and Kellen patiently waited. I knew there was a lot I needed to do and I made the lists in my mind and checked things off and counted the days until this or that could happen. 

And I realized, everything put us in this place, at this time, ready for dinner. We had a great meal and a great conversation and we wrote a poem for a fellow poet (Sara) who had a physics exam after the meeting. I went home feeling somewhat refreshed. It was good, but sometimes…I need to hit snooze.