Today (April 21,2016), I got to have a meeting with David Dabney, a first year student here at Miami University.

Among other things, we spoke about his music industry goals and he gave me a preview of one of his singles. I was impressed. His word play and rhythm, cadence and presence etc. were good, but most important to me, is the fact that he drips sincerity and humility.

David is looking to the future and he is honestly unsure. He has an excellent understanding of himself and passion, but he is challenging himself to find his niche and that impressed me. He also invited me to be a guest on his radio show.
IMG_3002 IMG_3006

We talked about all sorts of things including merging science and performing arts, being an international student or a member of the non dominant culture. It was a great conversation.

David, I look forward to hearing more from you in the future and wish you all the world’s success.