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July 2016

Think of me when you poo

If you are reading this online, you are probably one of the world's super rich (comparatively speaking). Your country has significant infrastructure, schools, multi vehicle homes, you may even have more than $50 to your name right now. Awesome. But... Continue Reading →

Live or die

The big problem with the world is a bunch of people who can choose how they live, choose to make a living killing other people. And then there are a bunch of people who can only choose how they die.... Continue Reading →

How to visit the baby

So, you got this link. Maybe someone actually feels ready to have guests over after the craziness of having a baby.  10: It's not all about you. If you haven't been invited yet, your thank you notes have not been... Continue Reading →

Demons inside

So...I lucid dream. Most of the time, when I go to sleep I dream. If I make an effort to write them down right away I can get the whole thing out. Unfortunately, I am growing up. So now, when... Continue Reading →

My joy is >< your joy

How many of you have someone in your life that says "that person did it better than you." "You don't make as much as [insert name here]" "If only you were [insert comparison] like [blank]". Here's the thing. Those people... Continue Reading →

Where we root

I think this is the sentiment so many people from the Bahamas and Mexico and even the USA are sharing now. I love being part of a global community with friends and colleagues around the world. My heart is in... Continue Reading →

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