How many of you have someone in your life that says “that person did it better than you.” “You don’t make as much as [insert name here]” “If only you were [insert comparison] like [blank]”.

Here’s the thing. Those people either compare themselves too often to people they are nothing like, or do not challenge themselves enough to become better than those around them. 

As long as you can say to yourself, “I am doing well and I can sleep with myself at night”, keep going. Don’t let their words bring you down. 1: they do not know how hard you work or how much personal satisfaction you get. 2: they probably know even less about the person they are comparing you to. Their struggles, stresses and debts etc. 

oh yeah, don’t let that person comparing you to someone else be you.

“Comparison is the thief of all joy.” – Miggety July 5 via Facebook.