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March 2018

R-code fail 2018 3 30

Occasionally, you will do something that causes you significantly more stress or work. it probably happened to others before you and may happen to others after you. read about mine so you dont do the same thing. Step1: write #googleearthengine... Continue Reading →

Safe spaces

Safety also includes psychological and emotional safety, the feeling of being free from the likelihood of being harmed. Once a person sees behind the curtain and knows the space is not safe, there is no safe space until you drop... Continue Reading →

Communication: the basics

​ Communication: Reflecting on what i would say to a group i have never met, who may or may not read my every word, i scrolled through the near endless feed of topics that are at the forefront of my... Continue Reading →

Tropical Ornithology Opportunity for students and others.

Position Information: Title: Tropical Ornithology & Field Techniques Intern Organization: Third Millennium Alliance, El Observatorio de Aves Jama- Coaque Location: Reserva Jama-Coaque, Manabí province, Ecuador Start dates: Multiple throughout the year, see Next is March 19th. Open to: Everyone!... Continue Reading →

5 things YOU can do to help Nassau Grouper

Closed season is over but Nassau grouper still need our help Let's be responsible fishers and consumers. Here are some of the fisheries regulations that are in place to protect this iconic species: Grouper and rockfish must weigh at least... Continue Reading →

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