Occasionally, you will do something that causes you significantly more stress or work.
it probably happened to others before you and may happen to others after you.
read about mine so you dont do the same thing.

Step1: write #googleearthengine code to generate raster images in three different models.

Step 2: write #rcode to lay those three models on top of one another and extract the values for them at 100 randomly selected points.

Step 3: export the new table as a csv file

Step 4: take two days to laboriously visually classify each of those randomly selected points from satellite imagery.

Step 5: make sure to Save the file

Step 6: run the R code again

Step 7: realize you just ran the r code to overwrite the points you just laboriously visually classified with the raster values.

Step 8: start to cuss.

Step 9: save the file under a different name and LABORIOUSLY VISUALLY CLASSIFY 100 RANDOMLY SELECTED POINTS!!

Step 10: save your work and give up for the day.