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June 2018

Network maps from Google Earth Engine, R and GEPHI

We can't just go protecting habitat and sites willy-Nilly. this thing goes with sense, so I am using GEE to create habitat maps. ‚ÄčThen I look at which species are using the habitat using R and GEPHI to create network... Continue Reading →

R Code for using functions by columns in a data set

I have information for the observers that have surveyed locations in a given habitat, and of course the species they saw and the locations they conducted the surveys at. I am interpreting the observer as a species and their abundance... Continue Reading →

Jaccard function by columns

So, really, I just wrote a function in R to apply the jaccard similarity function to all possible pairs in a series of columns from a data frame and spit out the result in a matrix. I am pretty happy... Continue Reading →

The beatings I remember (1) aka Black Beauty

I did not know this man from adam, but I knew that he was the father of one of the kids there and that he would be somewhere on campus when I got to high school. And now, he had free license to rough me up if I stepped out of line.

GEE and R for Bahamian (and Caribbean) Birds

Essential to my understanding of science is that everything happens somewhere. and things that do not happen also "don't happen somewhere". What that means is that knowing where a bird (or whatever your organism is) is may be as important... Continue Reading →

Leno’s new joke June 5 2018

The chicken saw the perfect kernel of corn. It was so perfect, she could not eat it. It was impeckable. Sent from my iPad

Bird occurrence in the Bahamas

If you have not yet seen Tony White's Birder's Guide to the Bahamas, one of the most valuable things I find that he did was his presence absence chart. You can use his chart to find out which Bahamian islands... Continue Reading →

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