If you have not yet seen Tony White’s Birder’s Guide to the Bahamas, one of the most valuable things I find that he did was his presence absence chart. You can use his chart to find out which Bahamian islands you should visit to see the birds you are interested in. In my dissertation, I generate similar tables using eBird data and Tableau or R.

Here is a sample of species I chose because the Detroit Audubon Society listed them as potential species in collaborative education work in the Bahamas and Michigan; they are breeding residents on Grand Bahama (per Lloyd and Slater 2011) or common species that don’t get enough respect.

I know there are some conspicuous absences, but my dissertation focuses on Grand Bahama Island, so no Abaco Parrots, Bahama Oriole or Pearly Eyed Thrashers. However, the code that I am creating is adaptable so once it is published ANYONE can download and run it and change a few words or lines to get all the species you want.

Which species would you add to the list or how would you like me to adjust the display?