I remember the first time I thought about asking Alma to marry me. I was looking at her laughing while talking to her mom, sister and brother on the phone. She did it every day and still does almost every day. I recognized at that time, her closeness with her family was something I wanted to be a part of and if there came a point when I had to choose between that laugh and any other sound, I would choose her every time.

I remember catching the bus to the mall to choose an engagement ring to replace the promise ring I had given her. Asking her to see the rings she wore to try to remember how they fit on my pinky finger. Saving up, because an engagement ring should be worth at least a month’s salary … trying to hide the question behind my eyes every time I looked at her.

I remember marrying her. The biggest day of my life at that time. I remember imagining forever with the same wonderful, amazing, beautiful woman. I remember.

And since then, every day is a new memory. But now, I realize, forever is with a new woman in Alma every day. I am still learning more about her. The way she thinks, what she believes, why she worries, how she loves me and our boys.

Today, the woman I fell in love with is one year older. Again she is more beautiful than every year before.

Happy Birthday Guapa!

Te Quiero Mucho.