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April 2020

Global Reef Expedition April 30th 2011

April 30th 2011 I love wildlife on the land and in the sea, but there is still something fishy about a 5 foot long Barracuda coming this close to you. Hahaha I said fishy get it? Anyway, we are getting... Continue Reading →

Global Reef Expedition April 29th 2011

April 29th 2011   The great thing about diving in a location as remote as the Cay Sal Bank is the huge difference in fish and marine creature diversity. You get to see the weird and wild organisms you normally... Continue Reading →

Global Reef Expedition April 28th 2011

April 28th 2011 The second day is when we really got down to the nitty gritty. Three dives per day gets us to the limits of our diving protocol while maximizing the data we could collect. We are now diving... Continue Reading →

Global Reef Expedition Day 2 April 27th 2011

April 27th 2011- I’m on an elevator on a boat!   Good Morning! Welcome to the Cay Sal Bank. The furthest west of the Bahamian territories and some of the most beautiful waters you may ever see. Today is checkout... Continue Reading →

The Global Reef Expedition April 26th 2011

From my personal diary.   The Global Reef Expedition- First steps- The Cay Sal Bank April 26th 2011- Touchdown! a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In this case, a 2 week research cruise begins with... Continue Reading →

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