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May 2020

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The future was made yesterday.Everything costs something. There are only four resources we have: Time, Space, Energy, and Matter. Ancilleno Davis, PhD Principal/ CEO Science and Perspective twitter: @SciPerspective Instagram: @SciPerspective

Global Reef Expedition May 6th 2011

May 6th 2011 NOOOOO! Time to leave already? But I just started. Well all research trips have to come to an end sometime. For the Global Reef expedition that is not for another 5 years. There will be more trips... Continue Reading →

Global Reef Expedition May 5th 2011

May 5th 2011 It does get cold though so once in awhile, a hoodie is a necessary addition to the shortie wetsuit. Yes, in the Bahamas 79 degrees Fahrenheit is cold J. Yes, I am showing off a bit. 42... Continue Reading →

Global Reef Expedition May 4th 2011

May 4th 2011   38 Reef building corals are the foundations of the coral ecosystem. Coral recruits are always big news. They mean that there is growth on the reef and these corals may mean the future of the ecosystem... Continue Reading →

Global Reef Expedition May 3rd 2011

May 3rd 2011 What? No pictures? Sadly, data entry is not very exciting and neither is sitting on a rocking ship. But cheer up! Tomorrow will be better and hopefully back to the sea and the surveys.  

Global Reef Expedition May 2nd and 3rd 2011

May 2nd 2011 37 perhaps the biggest challenge, writing on a boat in rough seas  

Global Reef Expedition March 1st 2011

May 1st 2011-Holey Depressions! I sincerely believe some animals have an innate ability to sense when people do not mean them harm. This migrant warbler took a few hours to rest aboard the golden shadow and surreptitiously inspected our activities.... Continue Reading →

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