May 4th 2011


image03738 Reef building corals are the foundations of the coral ecosystem.

Coral recruits are always big news. They mean that there is growth on the reef and these corals may mean the future of the ecosystem providing homes, food and cleaner waters for the other inhabitants.

image03839 Recent recruit of Siderastrea siderea

Some animals are just cool. Flamingo tongues have a plain white shell but when they are out and about, they dress up in their leopard spotted skin. In case you did not know why they call them Flamingo tongues, that makes two of usJ.

image03940 A Flamingo tongue on a soft coral, its favorite food.


Another really cool reef inhabitant is the Bridled Burrfish. Their spines do not lay down like ther lazy spined cousins, the porcupine puffer and the balloonfish. They quickly inflate and slowly swim away from potential predators.

image04041 Bridled Burrfish all puffed up and nowhere to go